Evelyn Louise

Three years ago, Nate and I sat on a park bench, discussing the woes of life and the general day to day struggles of learning how to be adults. It was then that he begrudgingly admitted his liking of Colleen. He was, however, stubbornly committed to the idea that it was a hopeless endeavor. The following day, as I had what would turn out to be essentially the same conversation with Colleen, I couldn't help but think if these two could stop being so stubborn for a minute they would find that they were absolutely perfect for one another. Luckily, it didn't take long before they were able to figure that out for themselves, and since then they have worked to build a wonderful little life together. Constantly encouraging and supporting one another, they are always ready to attack the next adventure life throws at them.

On July 2nd at 11:37pm they officially moved onto the next step of their adventure when Evelyn Louise was born.

There's no denying this little peanut will be showered in love by everyone around her, both of the two and four legged varieties. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this little family. I hope it is only the stuff of fairy tales! (You know, the kind with lots of big dogs and dirt bike princesses)

Congratulations, Nate & Colleen!

All of her friends came too, of course.